Thursday, October 31, 2013

Changing my Life

I've decided to take a new path in life. I picked up some books yesterday and I am going to start reading more. Also for the first time in...well ever...I got up to watch the sun rise. I think this is going to be a regular thing. I am going to turn my life around and get myself happy with where I am.

I have a new job, my health is getting better, I think that after so long of being on the bottom of things I am finally on my way up.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New photo set

I've started a new roll of film and i think the theme is gonna be called My City, My Eyes

I'm going to try and keep the camera with me all the time and just catch the city how I have and will see it.

Broken heart club

So for the second time this month the girl I am madly in love with broke my heart. She broke more than that though, she broke my soul, my trust, my desire to be in love, my mind, my everything. She left me scarred and scared. Now I am inspired ten fold to write here, to create more blogs, to be more creative - basically to throw myself into what I love doing.

I don't feel angry at her, no honestly i still love her. I am worried thought, worried sick, she doesn't know how bad the world can be and she isn't prepared for what can happen when you aren't careful. I know I told her never again - but one day I am going to get her back, I will win her heart again and make her fall even deeper in love with me, and we will have the life we dreamed of.

Until then though I am going to enjoy myself and what I have right now. It is the perfect time, I am in the perfect place, and I am going to surround myself with new friends and new people who will bring out the best in me.

Keep an eye open if you follow this - I am going to be starting a few new blogs.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zimmerman you Bastard

So I guess I'll take a shot at this whole George Zimmerman shindig - it's funny cause if I had known people would read what I write I would have recorded the somewhat altered conversation/debate that my buddy and I had about it.

What I remember is we were basically in agreement that we don't think he should have gone free, (it came down to the difference between involuntary manslaughter and self defense.) I get that he had been security and had every legal right to carry a gun, but did he really need to follow Martin? I may only be 21 but to me the smart move would have been to call the local authorities and then follow from a huge distance. If Martin had actually broken in that would have been a different story and argument altogether. But since he didn't at the time and Zimmerman confronted him with a gun it should be his fault.

My friend tried to say that if you were facing someone who charged at you would you pull a gun if you had it? And of course my answer would be yes, (but only after I kicked the crap out of them and had them on the ground with my gun to keep them from moving.) Zimmerman pulled his weapon which caused Martin to be uneasy which in turn lead to Zimmerman killing him. The self defense was on the part of Martin facing a man with a gun, not Zimmerman facing a hostile person. Zimmerman may not have premeditated the killing of someone, but he damn sure had time to think about it while he followed a poor kid. My friend also says that even though he hates the verdict, he has to agree with it because he truly believes in "innocent until proven guilty", well man where was that for Martin?! There was NO evidence that he was breaking into house, NO evidence that he had malicious intent in the neighborhood, and people rally behind someone who took a life of an innocent kid because they don't think the evidence is enough to say he deserves to be in jail?

Shit, the country is beyond messed up if I'm only 21 and can see that, but judges and juries can't. Yes we are innocent until proven otherwise, but Zimmerman can't prove that he was in the right, and because he is the one standing he should have gone to jail for shooting someone. Self defense or not (I will admit I lost interest in the trial a while ago) he didn't have proof that Martin was committing B&E and so he never should have confronted him. If he was a rational person and not a friggin moron with a vendetta against someone who fit a profile an innocent young man would still be alive.

To be completely honest I don't have faith in our judicial system anymore, be it the judge or the jury who should have put their foot down, Zimmerman might be innocent, but he still followed and killed a young man, that would have been enough evidence for me that he needs to be locked up for a while, and (the best part) with his wife now leaving him and since we've all seen double jeopardy (can't charge him for the same crime) I bet he is laughing at the world cause he did it and no one is the wiser except his wife, who again, is leaving him, so


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stephentown 300

Wow, just wtf. That's really all I can say. Mr. Holloway is the bigger person here. I find it disgusting that kids would do this.

So I was reading the article that Kelly Lynch wrote and on the whole I agree. The parents (and the kids) are the ones really in the wrong here. If it had been me I would have sued every god damn one of those kids parents for damages. He has photo evidence, I'm sure there is DNA all over the house, man he could have gotten a new pool in his home, or started a charity, or gone to Europe! My parents raised me to be respectful of people.
       -Always say please and thank you
       -Be polite to the host and mindful that you are a guest
       -Never show up empty handed
and other good things like that - but to break into someones home and destroy it, that is a disgrace. More and more I joke to my friends and parents about how I have "lost faith in this generation" and honestly there is no excuse for what they did and I really do feel that there is a gap between those starting college as freshmen right now and those in high school now. There seems to be this respect and understandings of life that are lost. Maybe that's because when I was growing up as a younger kid I was raised with solid values and didn't have all the temptations and distractions kids have now. This is not to say I didn't have my distractions; I watched TV (a lot) and read books, oh and when my family finally got a computer I used to check my email once a month and maybe if I was lucky I could go on an online game - depending on if I could connect to it. I also went outside to ride bikes, and played baseball and had adventures with a solid gang of friends, and camped in the woods to lay and watch the stars and shit like that.

now back to the issue; kids. If I had ever done something bad, yeah, like Lynch I would have been dragged to the persons door and I would have apologized and spent the rest of my foreseeable future working to help repair the damages, and if I finished early I would have been locked in some form of solitary doing praying to be forgiven and move past it.

While I agree with most of what Lynch says, she writes
         Look, I don't blame you for what your kids did. Heck, I don't even really blame them. Teens will be              teens, and they do stupid things sometimes. We've all been there. 
NO! Screw this teens will be teens, kids will be kids, boys and girls will be girls and boys bullshit. You can't keep babying kids. If you grow up in a world without consequences for your actions there is no point to having a civilized society because everyone would just do whatever they felt like. Parents, you need to let your kids face some of their own problems, it's not a matter of kids will be kids - it's a matter of learning to live life in a way that will benefit themselves as a person.  
It's not fair to judge parents on the mistakes their kids make. It is how you handle that behavior afterwards that reflects on you as a parent.
Yes these kids are in the wrong (and although I wish it, there isn't going to be a consequence for them) but you parents disgust me more now than the kids. Look at yourselves being so butthurt that your kid broke into and defiled someones home and you are trying to make people mad at him because instead of being angry he was better than that. Better than all of you. I know my parents, and the parents of the kids I know and those I grew up with, would have been much better in handling this. That could be because my parents are in their 50's with large families and have seen other kids raised around them in a way that is solid, or just cause they are great parents - the perfect mixture of strict, nurturing, fun, and family. 

Recently I read on HP about how to be healthier, live better, have better sex and stuff like that, and I took that to heart on my walk home after a really bad day and just looked at the stars for 30 min outside my home. So to you, the parents of the Stephentown 300, it is the belief of this writer that you need to take a step back and look at your life with your family and see that something is wrong. This generation is starting to become delinquents and tech soaked with no idea how amazing sitting beneath a redwood tree, or camping and sleeping under the stars by an open fire can be. 

So take the advice of my first and favorite teacher - Do or do not; there is no try. And DO make a change to be a better parent, and do take some responsibility for your kids actions when its a little thing that a lesson can be learned from a family conversation, but do not let them break into houses for parties and destroy things and become a generation of kids who don't have any respect for someone else. 

A lot can be learned by simply what you see

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A New Year

Today is post 21st birthday. I feel great, except for the whole missing my girlfriend thing. I have been spending so much time thinking about life and I think that life is going to be amazing.

Monday, September 23, 2013

happy birthday to me.

Well, I have been 21 for 3 hours now, and so far all I have done is play battlefield 3, watch some of indiana jones, and have my girlfriend get a party at UCSB to sing me happy birthday. I am having trouble falling asleep. I should power down and try to rest.